MCH-Cal® –  Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Calcium

MCH-Cal is a 100% natural microcrystalline hydroxyapatite calcium protein complex that supports optimal bone mineral composition and overall bone health.

One of Waitaki’s flagship ingredients, this specialty product contains all the natural elements of healthy bone including the essential minerals calcium and phosphorous, growth factors, type I collagen, glycosaminoglycans and a broad range of other trace elements.

Product Features 

Significant Levels of Biologically Active Growth Factors

Growth factors are small biologically active proteins that influence numerous physiological functions. In bone, research has shown that several growth factors have an important role to play in bone remodelling activity. Insulin like growth factors (IGF) and transforming growth factors (TGF) seem to have particular importance in the maintenance of healthy bone.

Waitaki Biosciences has studied the content of IGF and TGFβ in MCH-Cal extensively with results showing levels that exceed that in the published literature for similar bone derived ingredients.

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Levels of growth factors in MCH-Cal compared to another whole bone microcrystalline hydroxyapatite product, (Ossopan) are shown below in table 1:
Table 1: Growth Factors in MCH-Cal

Ossopan MCH-Cal™ % Difference
IGF 1 (µg/g) 0.202 0.285 41%
IGF 2 (µg/g) 0.101. 0.170 68%
TGFβ(µg/g) 0.025 0.0275 9%

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Type I Collagen

Type I collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the predominant collagen found in adult bone. As the building block for all the body’s major systems, collagen builds and supports bone matrix and repairs connective tissue.  MCH-Cal is a great source of type I collagen containing 20% on average.

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Specialised analysis of MCH-Cal confirms the presence of 18 separate amino acids, including hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine which are specific to collagen and especially important for collagen production.

For every gram of MCH-Cal consumed, 200 mg of type I collagen is delivered.

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Bioavailable Microcrystalline structure

MCH-Cal contains a minimum of 24% calcium and 10% Phosphorous (the ideal physiological ratio of 2:1) in a microcrystalline structure that enhances absorption and bioavailability.

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Effectiveness of bone health supplements is often judged by solubility, with more highly soluble supplements erroneously considered to be more  bioavailable and therefore more effective.

In fact, bioavailability is best judged not by solubility, but by a desirable change in the target area as a result of consumption.   In a clinical trial, MCH-Cal was able to induce improvements in measures of bone mineral density following a six month feeding programme in ovariectomised rats compared to controls.

The crystalline structure of the minerals in MCH-CaI has been regularly confirmed by sophisticated x-ray diffraction analysis.

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24% calcium helps to meet daily nutritional requirements where dietary deficiencies exist.

Biologically active growth factors, collagen and other bone proteins help to promote optimal bone health and provide valuable supportive nutrition to hormone replacement therapy.

Range of trace minerals as well as glycosaminoglycans provide all the nutrients found in healthy bone matrix.


MCH-Cal can be used in a number of different delivery systems, including capsules, tablets, sachets and liquid suspensions for the human nutraceutical market. It is also suitable as a component in companion animal supplements.


MCH-Cal is manufactured only from safe, natural raw material sources – New Zealand free range, pasture fed and BSE free cattle. All animals have passed ante and post mortem veterinarian inspection at the time of processing. Conversion of the raw material into MCH-Cal occurs at Waitaki’s purpose built and fully export licensed factory in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Product Profile

  • < 850 micron, < 250  micron and <150 micron, fine free flowing white powder
  • Minimum 22% calcium content
  • Minimum 22% pure bone protein
  • Minimum 9% phosphorous and trace minerals
  • Net weight 25 kg cartons