StimuCal® with bone stimulating protein

StimuCal is a totally natural bone health supplement that is a rich source of calcium hydroxyapatite, type I collagen polymers, specialised bone stimulating proteins and minerals.

Although we need calcium to ensure our bones remain strong, calcium is essential for many other normal biological functions too.
But, too much calcium in our blood is not a good thing.
In fact, our bodies work hard to keep blood calcium levels within a very narrow range and constantly supplying your body with too much calcium from rapidly absorbed supplements can cause some serious health problems.

StimuCal is Carefully developed to deliver just the right amount of calcium 

StimuCal has been carefully designed and tested to deliver just the right amount of calcium to the blood to avoid the long term problems associated with repeatedly elevated levels.

Complete bone health requires not just access to optimal levels of calcium, but also the ability to ensure that our bones put that calcium to use and form new bone, a process known as osteogenesis. Substances that can stimulate osteogenesis are described as osteoinductive.

StimuCal contains 25% pure bone protein which is rich in essential osteoinductive factors, including Type I Collagen, Osteocalcin and specialised Bone Stimulating Growth Factors. These osteoinductive factors are what helps StimuCal to effectively promote new bone formation.

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StimuCal is manufactured entirely in New Zealand from high quality locally sourced bovine bone that is subject to rigorous pre and post production inspection procedures.

StimuCal is not artificially modified calcium and does not rely on chemical coatings and additives.

StimuCal has been carefully developed to work in the same way as a food source of calcium, releasing calcium slowly into the blood stream without disrupting normal levels. To achieve this, every step of the StimuCal manufacturing process is carefully controlled to ensure that it leads the market in terms of quality and safety.

Product Profile

• Fine free flowing white powder
• 25% calcium
• 25% pure bone protein, including bone stimulating growth factors and collagen
• 20% natural polymer collagen and amino acids
• 12% phosphorous and trace minerals
• 100% natural
• No artificial additives
• 25 kg net weight cartons