Freeze Dried Animal Glandulars

Waitaki Biosciences manufactures a comprehensive range of freeze dried glandular ingredients from 100% New Zealand bovine and ovine sources and Australian porcine pancreas.

Glands are nutrient rich and a concentrated source of hormones, enzymes and other active components that are essential for normal biological functions.
Use of glandular products by natural health practitioners follows the principal that nutrients, enzymes and other active factors in the gland are supplementing those that may be missing, depleted or otherwise physiologically compromised in the target organ system.

Whilst this is primarily an approach that has been used in natural alternative medicine, examples of glandular therapy can also be found in orthodox medicine, for example enzyme therapy in cystic fibrosis patients.

Product Range

Key glandular ingredients manufactured and supplied by Waitaki include the following:

Bovine Heart
Not strictly speaking a gland, as it is non secretory. Contains naturally occurring coenzyme Q10.

Heart powder may be used to support healthy cardiac function

Bovine Kidney
Blood cleansing organ, but also involved in bone heath due to its role in Vitamin D metabolism.

Kidney powder may be used in supplements to support good bone mineral density.

Ovine Thymus
Responsible for the maturation of T cells – a group of white blood cells (lymphocytes) and therefore important in the body’s natural immunity.

Thymus powder may be used in formulations to support the immune system.

Bovine Liver
Performs a huge number of vital metabolic functions in the body
Rich source of vitamins, in particular B group vitamins and vitamin A.

Liver powder may be used in supplements supporting generalised healthy liver function. Due to its desirable flavour profile it may also be used in pet health supplements.

Bovine /Porcine Pancreas
Main source of digestive enzymes for breaking down protein, fat and carbohydrate. Responsible for production of insulin for blood glucose control
Pancreas powder may be used in formulations for digestive support (pancreatic enzyme deficiency), and glucose metabolism.

Bovine/Ovine Spleen
Manufactures white blood cells, and disposes of expired red blood cells. Also acts as a reservoir of red blood cells in an emergency (e.g. haemorrhage).

Spleen powder may be used in formulations supporting a healthy immune system.


Wide range of immune boosting, digestive and general health applications.


Waitaki’s freeze dried glandular ingredients are suitable for encapsulation and tableting.  Certain products (e.g. liver powder) may also be used in dry powder blends as a flavouring in pet formulations.


With the exception of our porcine pancreas, which is sourced from Australia, all Waitaki’s freeze dried glandular powders are manufactured from raw glands collected from 100% New Zealand grown and raised sheep and cattle.

All suppliers are carefully selected and are fully export licensed and audited by New Zealand government agency (Ministry for Primary Industries – MPI) representatives.

Both Waitaki and its suppliers operate registered, approved, validated and regularly audited risk management programmes (RMP’s) that are based on HACCP principals of food safety.

All animals are fully inspected both pre and post mortem to ensure they meet the highest standards of suitability for human consumption.

Finished packed cartons of product are labelled and sealed with two, individually numbered, tamper-proof, MPI seals over the top and bottom carton joins.

Freeze drying is a sophisticated process of water removal from the raw gland that ensures as much of the biological activity as possible is retained in the finished dried product.

Product Profile

• < 1000 micron freeze dried powders
• Net weight: 10 – 20kg cartons

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