Shark Cartilage Powder

Waitaki Biosciences freeze dried shark cartilage powder is manufactured from non-endangered school and rig shark species harvested from New Zealand fisheries that operate a world class quota management system.

Naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans (chondroitin sulphate) and proteins in shark cartilage powder make it an ideal natural supplement for inflammatory joint conditions.

Product Features 

Marine Bioactive Nutrients

Shark cartilage powder is made up primarily of proteins and minerals as well as complex carbohydrates, known as glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s).

The predominant GAG in shark cartilage powder is chondroitin sulphate, which has demonstrated benefits in helping to support repair of damaged joint cartilage.

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Approximately 40% of the product consists of proteins, which includes amino acids known to be important in the synthesis of collagen, a major constituent of joint cartilage.

The third major constituent of shark cartilage is the mineral (or ash) component. Of this calcium is significant, comprising about 8% of the dry powder, meaning that shark cartilage may be used as a source of mineral supplementation.

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Shark Cartilage and Angiogenisis

Angiogenisis is a complex process of new blood vessel formation, which is central to normal development and homeostasis. However, uncontrolled angiogenisis plays a critical role in inflammatory disorders. Shark cartilage powder is thought to contain factors which may be able to inhibit this process of angiogenisis.

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In 1997, scientists working at the Wellington School of Medicine in New Zealand were able to show for the first time that not only did shark cartilage contain a factor that reduces new blood vessel formation, but that this factor can be absorbed in an active form when taken orally in the diet. Since then other researchers have also been able to demonstrate this effect in orally administered shark cartilage powder in human subjects.

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Anti-inflammatory agent

Joint cartilage repair and protection

Mineral supplementation


Waitaki’s freeze dried shark cartilage powder is an ideal joint care nutraceutical ingredient for both human and animal formulations.  It is suitable for tableting and hard capsule fill. Dry powder blends may be suitable for pet applications.


Specialised manufacturing used to produce Waitaki’s shark cartilage powder is critical to maintaining the biological activity of the naturally occurring components in the cartilage.

Tightly controlled processing results in a finished product with consistently low odour and microbial counts. Because of this, additional microbial sterilisation steps (such as irradiation, chemical or heat treatments) or bleaching / whitening agents, which could damage the biologically active components, are not required.

Environmental Sustainability

Many people are concerned about over fishing of sharks and the long term sustainability of the shark fishery Waitaki’s shark cartilage powder is manufactured from non-endangered shark species that are sustainably and ethically harvested from New Zealand waters.

The shark species used are sourced from a world leading quota management system to ensure sustainable management of this important fishery resource. Shark species used in the manufacture of Waitaki’s shark cartilage powder are not harvested for their fins alone – a practice that is banned in New Zealand.

Product Profile

• < 250 micron, fine free flowing cream coloured powder
• 40% minimum total protein
• 5% minimum glycosaminoglycans ( including chondroitin sulphate)
• No artificial additives
• Net weight 20 kg cartons