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Facilities and Capabilities

New Zealand Grown & Raised Raw Materials

Only sustainable, natural raw materials from New Zealand, one of the cleanest growing environments in the world are used in the manufacture of our specialty ingredients. We scour the country to source only the best of those raw materials for conversion into our high quality natural ingredients.

Primary Processing

Primary processing of the raw materials we use takes place in approved, export licensed facilities according to New Zealand MPI regulations. Only raw materials that meet Waitaki’s exacting specifications are selected for further processing into our range of ingredients.


Raw materials are transported by approved and appropriately licensed carriers in fully inspected, temperature controlled vehicles. Materials are delivered directly to our factory site in Christchurch New Zealand, where both physical and documentation checks are carried out before the product is received into our stores to await further processing.


Conversion of the raw materials into Waitaki’s range of specialty ingredients takes place in our own purpose built manufacturing facility here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Waitaki operates HACCP based risk management programme ( RMP) that covers each of the manufacturing processes. The RMP is a written programme designed to manage the biological, chemical and physical hazards of production.

Product Testing and Clearance

Samples are taken from each and every batch of product manufactured for microbiological and chemical testing. All product analysis is carried out by independent accredited laboratories using published methods.

Export Certification & Shipping

No matter where in the world you are, our experienced logistics staff work hard to ensure product reaches our customers in an efficient, timely manner. A critical part of the traceability system, all exported meat and marine products are accompanied by a signed official Government health certificate. This system of certification provides official assurance of product origin, composition and safety.

Quality Assurance

At Waitaki product quality underpins every decision we make.

It starts with sourcing only the very best natural and sustainable raw materials from carefully selected and qualified suppliers, and carries through transportation, storage, processing, packing and shipping.


Renewable, high quality, raw materials

The manufacture of premium nutritional ingredients begins with using only the highest quality raw materials sourced from New Zealand’s pristine natural environment. All raw materials are collected according to New Zealand MPI regulations ensuring they are export eligible and fit for human consumption. All raw materials used by Waitaki in the manufacture of our products are environmentally responsible and renewable.


The Waitaki Biosciences manufacturing plant is one of only a handful of multi-licensed meat, marine and shellfish processing facilities in New Zealand. Our purpose built factory operates a New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) registered, approved and independently audited Risk Management Programme (RMP) and complies with EU, USA and other market access regulations for the manufacture of human food grade ingredients.


All biological ingredients follow a carefully documented chain from collection of raw materials through to manufacture, transport and arrival at a destination port. Biosecurity is a vital part of the New Zealand economy and is why we lead the way in traceability of animal and marine derived ingredients.