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Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Waitaki Biosciences is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of science based, natural nutritional ingredients.


Actively selling into global markets for more than 30 years, our ingredients are renowned for their quality and purity.


Raw materials for our products are sourced from New Zealand’s pristine natural environment where levels of traceability are second to none.

Quality & Efficacy  

Committed to quality and efficacy, Waitaki makes investment in product research and development a priority. This commitment enables us to bring products to market that retain their functional properties and provide real solutions for the natural healthcare industry.

Facilities & Capabilities

Waitaki’s purpose built manufacturing facility utilises custom designed, state of the art technology, and is specifically designed to enable us to work with customers to deliver products that meet their needs every time.

Waitaki Biosciences takes its name from the Waitaki river in the South Island of New Zealand.

Since the early 1930’s the power of the Waitaki river has been harnessed for the generation of environmentally sustainable, clean hydro-electric power.

This magnificent river serves as a namesake and reminder of our purpose; to sustainably bring the health benefits of Aotearoa’s natural resources to the world.


Our Values

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A responsibility to care for the safety of our people, our partners, and our planet sits behind our company values.


All our products can be directly traced to their natural origin and follow a carefully documented chain from collection of raw materials through to manufacture, transport, and arrival at destination.


Our premium ingredients have a global reputation and product quality drives every decision we make.


Nutrition is at the heart of a healthy life. We are inspired by cultural nutritional wisdom and look to science to support the many health benefits that come from working with nature.


Our products are 100% pure, delivering nutrients and their health benefits the way nature intended.


Our products come only from renewable sources, reduce waste by using co-products and employ clean energy processes to manufacture.

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Our portfolio of branded ingredients represents 30 years of product development. The longevity and time in market is an endorsement of their quality and functionality.

Each product contains significant process IP, some of which have resulted in patents.


CassiPure is a concentrated nutritional extract from one of the worlds true super-fruits, the blackcurrant, or cassis berry (ribes nigrum).


PhenActiv, freeze dried kiwifruit powder concentrate, is a premium digestive health enhancer and anti-oxidant, manufactured entirely from New Zealand grown, GMO free, green kiwifruit (actinidia deliciosa).

PernaTec Oil Extract

Greenshell Mussel Oil Extract is a pure, clean and natural oil extract manufactured from 100% sustainably farmed New Zealand Greenshell mussels (perna canaliculus).

PernaTec Powder

Pernatec is a natural joint health supplement manufactured from sustainably farmed New Zealand Greenshell mussels (perna canaliculus).


CollaMex is a unique and proprietary natural ingredient for use in a wide range of formulations related to joint health, bone health and personal care products.


MCH-Cal is a 100% natural microcrystalline hydroxyapatite calcium protein complex that supports optimal bone mineral composition and overall bone health.


StimuCal is a totally natural bone health supplement that is a rich source of calcium hydroxyapatite, type I collagen polymers, specialised bone stimulating proteins and minerals.


CytoC® is an innovative natural ingredient supplying multiple bioactive’s that benefit the entire musculoskeletal system.