Collagen Chondroitin Complex

CollaMex Original < 250 micron, fine free flowing powder

CollaMex Soluble <150 micron water soluble powder

Minimum 20% Chondroitin Sulphate content

Minimum 40% type II collagen

Net weight 15 kg and 20 kg cartons


Product Features

CollaMex is a unique and proprietary natural ingredient for use in a wide range of formulations related to joint health, bone health and personal care products.

Containing naturally occurring chondroitin sulphate, high concentrations of type II collagen peptides, bioactive growth factors and a range of trace minerals, CollaMex delivers unsurpassed functionality all within a single ingredient package.

Low Molecular Weight Bovine Chondroitin Sulphate

Studies have shown that the form (i.e. bovine vs marine) and molecular weight of chondroitin sulphate directly influences its absorption after oral administration. Lower molecular weight chondroitin sulphate of bovine origin has a higher gastrointestinal absorbability.

The molecular weight range of the chondroitin sulphate in Collamex has been shown to be within the range expected for bovine origin material with a peak at the lower molecular weight range of 16,00 – 17,000 Daltons.

Type II Collagen

The specialised enzymatic manufacturing process carefully developed for CollaMex results in a finished powder with a high concentration of type II collagen peptides.

Specialised analysis of Collamex shows a molecular wright range that includes collagen peptides of <8,000 Daltons.

Cartilage Derived Growth Factors

Growth factors are a diverse group of proteins with a myriad of biological functions within the body, including beneficial effects on the extracellular matrix.

Collamex has been found to contain a range of growth factors including IGF I, TGF B1 and CDGF. The carefully controlled processing techniques used in the manufacture of Collamex help to preserve these delicate proteins in the finished powder.


Low molecular weight chondroitin sulphate provides building blocks to support repair of damaged cartilage and bone and promote healthy skin.

High concentration of type II collagen peptides helps to support increased type II collagen secretion by cartilage cells and increase synthesis of proteoglycans
Cartilage derived growth factors may assist with proteoglycan production.


CollaMex Original – encapsulation, tableting and topical personal care products ( e.g. lip Balm).

Collamex Soluble – encapsulation, tableting and dry mix beverages (e.g. sachets).


CollaMex is produced from the cartilage of New Zealand free range, grassfed, export quality cattle. The raw material is exclusively collected to Waitaki’s own strict specifications and is certified as fit for human consumption even before our manufacturing process begins.


Our portfolio of branded ingredients represents 30 years of product development. The longevity and time in market is an endorsement of their quality and functionality.

Each product contains significant process IP, some of which have resulted in patents.


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CollaMex is a unique and proprietary natural ingredient for use in a wide range of formulations related to joint health, bone health and personal care products.


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